Sunday, October 08, 2006


AE 2/A
HeeKyung Nam

New Views on Video Violence

In the article “New Views on Video Violence” by Dorothy and Jerome Singer, the authors say that watching violence on TV has more negative effects on children than reading violent stories. First of all, TV’s violent images show more realistic scenes to children by camera that enhances the images and sounds. Also, during prime time, children who are older are easily exposed to television violence day after day. Children remember repeated violent scenes. However, when parents read a book for their children, parents can control reading speed and relieve scary stories. So, young children can imagine a story’s image themselves. According to the author, reading a book affects less a violence than watching on television. I agree that watching violence on TV is harmful for children.

First, young children remember violent images by lifetime. For example, when I was 5 years old, I watched a horror drama on TV. However, I still cannot forget violent images. In Korea research, 45.7% of young children who are mostly boys want to mimic watching violence on TV.

Second, young children who are mostly boys have a social problem. According to Korea Broadcast System in 2004, a boy who is watching violence on TV everyday has a high ratio of violent crime. Also, in elementary school, my classmate who likes watching violent drama cannot control violent behavior.

In conclusion, parents have to give a chance that children get close to books. Children are exposed to a lot of violence, when they watch TV. In addition, violent images remain a child until they become adult, forever. Additionally, children violence can become a social problem that they drop out of school.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Web-blog assignment #3


This is the title of the site that has barbie‘s everything for girls. This web site has a lot of stuff, like Television section, fashion fever, music, games, and e-shop with advertisements about new barbie. Also, children who are from various nations can choose their language and they can enjoy global barbie. Children show Barbie’s bedroom, closet, garden, TV studio, and game room, mall. Like real barbie, girls can decorate barbie’s house, their hair, fashion, and so on. There is an e-shop section that parents can buy their children choosing barbie dolls through this web site.

I think that this web site is for women. Above all, women like a doll of beautiful barbie. They have a perfect body, beautiful hair and face, and popular fashions like a model. They can decorate barbie’s everything in the web site. However, girls may want to have a barbie doll. In the web site children who loved barbie share about their Barbie’s fashion and their everything.

AE2/A Nam

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Web Assignment #2

I visited grimmfairytales.this web-site has interesting fairy tales for children. This web-site is composed of different stories and games with cute characters; a cartoons, animated tall tales and so on. Also, children can easily understand the fairy tales through various cartoons and pictures. So, through net safety of this web-site, children can learn how to use correctly their computer. This web-site gives many sources for teaching their children such as kid stuff, coloring practice, and leaping match with detailed explanation.

I think that this web-site is very available not only to children but also adults. These days, parents have no time in which to read a children’s story to their children. This web-site brings about children's curiosity in fairy tales that is designed with various colors. Through this web-site, it has merit like parents reading their book. However, I think children just do their computer all day. Consequently, the web-sites has to add auto-off timer to this web-site watch out for children's toxicities.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A tiger and woodcutter
AE2 /AHeeKyung Nam

This is a story that is told in Korea.Once upon a time there lived a good woodcutter. When the woodcutter was chopping a tree, a fierce tiger appeared. He was so scared and had a bright idea. The woodcutter trick the tiger to think he is his lost brother. The tiger felt sad that he didn't want to show the mother his fearsome looks. He just told the woodcutter to take good care of his mother and let him go. Afterwards, the tiger brought wild boars and rabbits to the woodcutter's house. Then, he and his mother could live happily.However, the mother passed away and he was so sad. One day, when he was gone, the tiger said that there was no reason for him to live since his mother had died. The tearful woodcutter buried the tiger beside his mother's tomb. The woodcutter learned something great from the tiger.

This story's moral is that we make tiger filial piety one's mirror,we should be filial to one's parents.

Here is another version of this story here